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    Electric Strike Systems Pickering

    Many people outside the access control industry are not familiar with the electric strike system. This is nothing more than a locking system that either locks or unlocks when an electrical charge is produced or removed. Access Control Pickering has a wealth of experience installing and repairing these systems for commercial and residential use. Our dedication to excellent customer service has propelled us into the position of being one of the most popular service providers of this sort in the Pickering, ON community.Electric Strike System

    The electric door strike system typically comes in 2 types, fail-secure or fail-safe. Out of the 2, fail-secure is easily the most widely used. The fail-secure system locks when the electric strike is produced and unlocks when the electric strike is removed. This system is widely utilized on exterior entrances into the specific location. Quite often it is combined with an electric door strike intercom system, which enhances the access control procedure. The fail-secure system is locked to visitors, but can easily be unlocked if access is granted.

    Electric Strike Systems- we install and Repair

    People exiting the building can push the door open unlocking the system, but it will automatically lock once the door closes and the electric strike hits the lock again. We install this electric strike system in Pickering all the time. The fail-safe system is mostly used in large buildings with many floors of stairways. This system will be locked from people using the stairways unless they use a code or swipe a card to gain entrance. Those on the interior side of the door can push the door open easily and it will relock upon closing.

    During a power outage or emergency situation these doors will automatically unlock, which makes them a security risk for use on the exterior of building doors. At Pickering Access Control we specialize in both of types of electric strike system service. We will install the systems and also provide dependable electric strike system repair as needed. Let our experts provide the service you need today.